Non-surgical Treatment for Herniated Cervical Disc

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Non-surgical Treatment for Herniated Cervical Disc

As in low back, herniation may be in the neck as well. The discs that separate the vertebraefrom each other are considered as half-joints. They consist of a gel-like substance in the middle of the disc and the surrounding pads.

Those pads located on the outer side are harder than the inner ones. These pads begin to wearout in cases of ageing and exposure to trauma. The outer layer gradually gets thinner and tears after a sudden reverse movement. The inner gel-like substance slides out of these tears and protrudes out of the spinal cord and moves to our arm and compresses on the nerve that commands the movement or that provides us to perceive the sense of those areas. Thus, we feel neck-arm pain and numbness, tingling, and sometimes weakness in that arm.

How to Non-surgical Treatment for Herniated Cervical Disc

In such cases, it may be required to have rest firstly, then physical therapy besides medical treatment, if not sufficient, injection of drugs may be required to be carried out with the recent advancing techniques by entering into the area with fine needles, called epidural steroid injections with needle or catheter, in case of failure of this, surgical intervention may be necessary. The patient can prevent frequent recurrence of the pain by doing regular neck exercises and following the protection principles for neck.


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